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Sydney Solar Power Service is a wholesale distributor and service centre of renewable energy products. We specialise in Power Inverter service and sales. Our products include power inverters, power inverter chargers, batteries, wind turbines, solar panels, battery chargers and regulators. We supply and install solar and wind energy systems to the following sectors : Grid Connect , Stand Alone / Remote Area Power Systems , RV / Caravans, Marine, Telecoms and Mining. We have a large network of hand picked installers that we highly recommend that are available for installations for all of the above systems Australia Wide. All our products are carefully selected for quality, reliability and serviceability.

Take Advantage of the Australian Government. Receive $8000 Install Solar Power, Save Money, Save the Environment.

Did you know there are plans to increase retail price of electricity between 30% to 40% in the next 2 years?

Have you calculated how much extra it WILL COST YOU on top of your current electricity bill?

Are you aware that installing Solar Power onto your home actually increases the value of your home, not to mention how much it helps to reduce carbon emmissions?

Have a look at the video below for some revealing facts about how Australian's had to go Overseas to get support for their innovations instead of staying in Australia and making Australia leap to the forefront of Solar Power Technology.

If Australia leads the World in Solar Technology, then the questions is, why aren't we using Solar Power in our own backyards?

If Australia has the Technology, Know-How, and it is working overseas, what needs to happen next? It answers are really simple. The Australian Governments has a Solar Power Rebate Scheme of an $8000 grant towards installing a system on the roof of your home and you can take advantage of it. Let's run through how to you can get started on having Solar Power installed on your home.

Step 1: Eligibility * Rebates and grants are available for the purchase and installation of major equipment items. * Equipment must be new and not second-hand. * Residential rebates are for photovoltaic systems that are connected to a main-grid or are very close to a main-grid. * GridPowerTM will carry out the installation and is an accredited designer and installer of photovoltaic systems.

Step 2: How to apply You will need to download and complete the forms below in

Step 3. You will also need to make a photocopy of your most recent Council Rates Notice and your Current Drivers Licence (front and back). Once you complete the forms and have copies of the above mentioned documents you then need to send them to: Solar Power Rebate Programme Manager at your Local Council

Step 4: Residential applicants Applicants should read the Guidelines for residential applicants before applying.


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